Important questions and answers about Mujibnagar government in various exams

Below are the important questions and answers regarding the first or temporary or Mujibnagar government of Bangladesh which came in various competitive examinations of Bangladesh. Writing will be very important for those of you who are preparing for various job exams. InshaAllah!

Question: From where the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh was formed through the Declaration of Independence.
(Bapex Officer 2009)
Answer: Mujibnagar, Meherpur.

Question: When did the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh officially make its debut?
(39th BCS)
Answer: 10 April 1971.

Question: When was the first cabinet of independent Bangladesh formed?
(Accounting Assistant of Public Works Department 2008-09)
Answer: 10 April 1971.

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Question: What was the first provisional government of Bangladesh?
(EB 2002-03)
Answer: President ruled.

Question: On what date did the caretaker government of Mujibnagar take oath?
(Foreign Ministry Personal Officer 2019)
Answer: 16th April 1971.

Question: Who administered the oath of office during the swearing in ceremony of Mujibnagar government during the war of independence of Bangladesh?
(NRB Assistant Revenue Officer 2012)
Answer: Professor M Yusuf Ali.

Question: Expatriate Bangladesh was the headquarters of the government:
(Assistant Director of PSC 2018)
Answer: 6th Theater Road, Kolkata.

Q: What is the name of the first temporary capital of Bangladesh?
(Hadabiprabi: 2016-17)
Answer: Mujibnagar.

Question: How many cabinet members were there in Mujibnagar government?
(Chub: 14-15)
Answer: 6 people.

Question: Who was the President of Bangladesh during the Liberation War?
(18th Teacher Registration)
Answer: Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Question: During the war of liberation he was the caretaker President of Bangladesh.
(Primary school assistant teacher: 18)
Answer: Syed Nazrul Islam.

Question: Who is the first Prime Minister of the caretaker government of Bangladesh?
(15th Lecturer Registration and Suffix Test (College Level) 2019)
Answer: Tajuddin Ahmed.

Question: Who was in charge of Economic Affairs and Planning Department of Mujibnagar Government?
(43rd BCS)
Answer: Tajuddin Ahmed.

Question: Who was the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Finance in Mujibnagar government?
(18th Teacher Registration)
Answer: M Mansur Ali.

Question: Who was the relief and rehabilitation minister of Mujibnagar government?
(36th BCS)
Answer: A. H. M. Kamaruzzaman.

Question: He was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Law in the Provisional Government of Bangladesh.
(Primary school headmaster: 09)
Answer: Khandaker Mashtak Ahmed.

Defense: Who was the chief secretary of Mujibnagar government?
(Bebichak High Quality Assistant: 21)
Answer: Ruhul Quds.

Question: Who was the chairman of the all-party advisory committee of the Bangladesh government during the liberation war?
(One House One Farm Project Field Assistant 2018)
Answer: Maulana Bhasani.

Question: What was the number of members of the all-party advisory committee during the great liberation war?
(Assistant Network Engineer, Department of Information and Communication Technology, 2019)
Answer: 6 people. (Source: Government of Bangladesh 1971; HT Imam.)

Q: How many ministries and departments did the Mujibnagar government have?
(CB: 98-99)
Answer: 12. (Source: Government of Bangladesh 1971; HT Imam)

Question: On what date was the Declaration of Independence of Bangladesh adopted?
(Mavabiprabi ‘D’ Unit 2016-17)
Answer: 17th April.

Question: ‘Mujibnagar’ was included in which sector during the war of liberation?
(DN’s Sub-Inspector 2019)
Answer: No.6.

Q: Why is April 16 famous in the history of Bangladesh?
(GA’s Junior Auditor 2014)
Answer: The first caretaker government of Bangladesh was sworn in.

Q: In which district is Mujibnagar located?
(33rd BCS)
Answer: Meherpur.

Question: The declaration of independence of Bangladesh was read
(Accounting Officer, Ministry of Telecommunications, 2003)
Answer: From Mujibnagar.

Q: Why is April 10 significant for Bengalis?
(Bobby 13-14)
Answer: Formation of Mujibnagar government.

Q: On what date was the ‘Bangladesh Bahini’ formed at the 6th Theater Rade in Kolkata during the War of Liberation?
(41st BCS)
Answer: 12 April 1971.

Q: When is Mujibnagar Day celebrated?
(Petrobangla High Quality Assistant 2018)
Answer: 17th April.

Question: What was the name of the newspaper published by Mujibnagar government in 1971?
(42nd BCS)
Answer: Joy Bangla.

Q: Who is the architect of Mujibnagar Memorial?
(10th BJS: 2018)
Answer: Tanvir Karim.

Question: Which village was named ‘Mujibnagar’ in 1971?
(DPE’s Program Coordinator 2020)
Answer: In 1971, the village of Bhaber Para in Vaidyanathtala of Meherpur district was renamed as ‘Mujibnagar’.

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